Thursday, 14 August 2014

Training Laura: The Collection

Part one featured in Complete Control

If you've a lover of BDSM and have read our Complete Control anthology then you should already be familiar with Training Laura by the wonderful Dee Voyse. Thankfully you can now get your hands on part one and part two in this fabulous little collection for only 99p / $1.67.

The Training Laura collection is a two-part story in which a young woman, who serves as slave to her master and mistress, goes through the trials of an period of slave training in order to earn herself the special reward of being served up to her master and mistress for use in front of the crowd of a public club.

    Laura hustled down stairs, still barefoot and naked – as she was allowed neither shoes nor clothes when at home save for extenuating circumstances – and listened to the jingle of her collar as she took each step down. She hurried to the kitchen, flipped on the lights, and began opening cabinets and grabbing items from the fridge. Her penchant for gourmet cookery came second only to her skills as a slut and she continuously strived to improve upon both very helpful and special skills every day that she spent in Dianne and Martin's home as their slave. She worked her fingers to the bone, nearly slicing off a fingertip in an effort to more efficiently chop the extra ripe banana with which she was planning to adorn the heaping stack of pancakes she'd cooked up. Along with the pancakes, there was crispy, thick-cut applewood smoked bacon and a bowlful of scrambled eggs that she knew would please her master and mistress very much. They came downstairs to the fragrant scent of a heartfelt and sincerely prepared breakfast wearing casual clothing and smiling as their slave knelt in front of the dining room table palms on her knees, facing up, and smiling back at them.
    “Sir and ma'am, breakfast is served,” she said proudly.
    “Very good, girl,” said Dianne, “And what have you prepared for yourself?”
    Laura gestured to the bowl in the corner of the room, which sat on a small mat and contained a slightly lesser version of the breakfast she'd so painstakingly taken care to make.
    “Peanut butter oatmeal with sliced bananas, ma'am,” she said.
    Martin and Dianne sat down at the table and dug in to their delicious meal.
    Through a mouthful of crunched up bacon, Martin murmured, “You may now go eat,” to Laura who diligently crawled over to her bowl and slowly consumed the sweet mush she had prepared for herself. The three ate and Martin and Dianne made small talk while Laura listened intently and tried to keep her face as clean as possible while she ate, a task made difficult by the additional restriction of the use of utensils that had been placed on her as part of her contract of servitude.
    “So tell me, girl: what are you most looking forward to about our weekend?” asked Martin with a raised eyebrow.
    Laura looked up from her bowl and wiped her mouth off with the back of her hand.
    “The opportunity to improve my service to you and ma'am, Sir,” she replied.
    “Very good girl,” said Dianne, “Now that our meal is finished, you are to clean the dishes and then meet us in the living room. Is that understood?”

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