Thursday, 26 June 2014

Vales & Vixens out now!

Valves & Vixens is erotic romance that mixes both the escapism and fantasy of steampunk with the Victorian style. Many writers have worked in the genre of steampunk from Jules Verne all the way to H.G.Wells and with this book the genre gets a good warming up. The stories within reflect a wide mix of backgrounds and settings all linked by the presence of steam at their heart. With a multitude of pairings and heat levels there really is something for everyone.

Foreword by Professor Elemental
Introduction by Nicole Gestalt

Coming Aboard the Greatest of Great Ships by Jim Lee
The Waiting Future by Crysta K. Coburn
The Musica by  J. T. Seate
Boson's Mate by Nikko Lee
Les Lettres Dangereuses by V.C.
Dr. Williams' Discovery – The Curious Truth by Zak Jane Keir
On Gossamer Wings by Blair Erotica
One Cheek or Two? by Regina Kammer
Captain Barnabus by Nicole Gestalt

About the Authors

Les Lettres Dangereuses

By V.C.
Chapter 1.

Edinburgh, Scotland. 5 September 1847

Dear Marquise Francis Blake,

I type to you on this aged bronze typewriter that once belonged to your late husband who was once my Master. Not out of disrespect for you, or out of your disrespect for him, but because a heart such as mine needs expression, and the best way of doing that is on this invention. My expression is as aged as this, and yet it’s as new as all the clockwork gadgets and steam powered boats and spaceships of this current technological age that our times has been blessed with. I’m tempted to type fast, for my heart, how fast it beats for you. And yet, how slowly I type, because I am like steam. Hot. Contained in a tiny place---my conscious---about ready to burst out from its confines. Not wanting to be locked anymore. Like steam, I’m blasted tired of being held in.
I want to be free. 

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